Legal Services

We know that your career involves running towards risk and danger.

We take great pride in defending you, and by proxy, defending your future and your family. As a member of the Sun Coast PBA, we believe that the centerpiece of our success is in the legal services we provide to you.  As a result, Sun Coast PBA provides the best legal services available to our members.

DISCIPLINE: When you are our member, our lawyers handle your agency discipline (internal affairs) cases as well as your certification cases before the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.  We walk through each step of the process with you, make sure you understand what’s happening, and help you make the best strategic choices for your career.

USE OF DEADLY FORCE: When you are our member and you have to use deadly force in the line of duty, our lawyers get in the car and get to you on scene.  Our lawyers defend you from that moment through to the completion of the subsequent internal investigation and criminal investigation.

CRIMINAL ACTIONS: When you are our member and you are named as a defendant in a criminal action arising out of the course and scope of your duties as a law enforcement officer, our lawyers defend you each step of the way.

COLLECTIVE BARGAINING:  When you allow the SCPBA to do your collective bargaining, you work with meticulous lawyers who will advocate and strategize with you to achieve the best possible results for you and your family’s health and financial future.

LEGISLATIVE REPRESENTATION: When you are our member, you have a direct line to Tallahassee.  We work with a professional staff of lobbyists to fight for beneficial legislation for our members and their families. We are quick to pick up the phone and work collaboratively with political and community leaders throughout the State.  We believe in building genuine relationships with elected and appointed leaders who see you as a human being who has dedicated your life to protecting and serving others.

A SAFE HARBOR:  Our General Counsel and team of retained lawyers choose this line of work every day because they believe in you.  We know you want a caring, insightful, ethical problem solver on your side— that’s who we are and what we strive to provide each and every day.  To ensure these benefits are available to you, you must be a member in good standing on the date of the incident and you must continue to be a member for the duration of the legal representation by the Sun Coast PBA.  Please refer to our Constitution and Bylaws for details.   It is our honor to serve you.


PBA provides an attorney if you are named as a defendant in any civil or criminal action arising out of the scope of your duties as a law enforcement officer.


A legal duty officer is available 24 hours a day, for duty-related legal needs. PBA provides an attorney to represent you at the scene of an on-duty shooting or serious injury.


PBA Provides full-time in-house and retained attorneys and staff representatives to handle your discipline cases, as well as your de-certification cases before the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.