Sun coast pba cares.

-We take care of the family left behind when a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty.

-We support innovative training and education initiatives that make our community and our members safer.

-We connect law enforcement families with shelter animals in need of good homes.  

-We create and foster opportunities to lift law enforcement officers’ morale with food, fun, and care.

-We give back to the communities we serve.

Sun Coast Law Enforcement Charities, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations are fully tax deductible.

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Law Enforcement Mental Health Certificate (LeMC)

LeMC is a college certificate program for law enforcement officers to earn credits and an applied mental health certificate in a rigorous, law enforcement-only group.


Short Term Objective

A more educated workforce. An opportunity for law enforcement officers to earn college credits and a certificate in mental health through a rigorous curriculum built to enhance their experiential knowledge and more thoroughly prepare them to handle the complex mental health issues they encounter at work.

Long Term Objective

A healthier workforce. Start the pipeline for Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs), both current and retired, to earn the degrees necessary to become licensed mental health professionals, thereby creating more opportunities for LEOs to receive mental health counseling from a therapist with law enforcement experience.

Cops Adopt

We believe in the immeasurable mental health benefit that pets have on all of us- including our law enforcement members and their families. Cops Adopt will improve the wellbeing of our law enforcement community by connecting you to a new-four-legged-best friend!

$250 toward an adoption at SPCA Tampa Bay!
  • SCPBA members complete a program application
  • Applications will be accepted by the SCPBA on a first come first served basis
  • Applications are submitted by the SCPBA staff to specially-trained SPCA staff who have received specialized training from Tampa Bay Psychology Associates.
  • SCPBA members receive a pre-booked appointment to meet with the trained SPCA staff to adopt their pet!