Active Members

LEGAL NOTE:  HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR PBA GRIEVANCE/APPEAL RIGHTS.  If you are facing any type of interrogation or questioning regarding a work related matter, whether your response must be verbal or in writing, that may lead to discipline, you must contact the SCPBA to have representation PRIOR to answering any questions.  Failing to do so will result in the PBA NOT providing future representation and covering future expenses should a grievance/appeal be requested.

Any questions, call the PBA today (727) 532-1722.  Do not wait.

Constitution, Policies & Bylaws

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Member Resource Documents



ALL SUN COAST PBA BOARD ELECTION VOTING IS ONLINE. You must first register as a user prior to voting, once your registration has been reviewed and approved you will be able to login and view open elections. 

Additional Benefits

  • $50,000 line of duty death benefit
  • $30,000 line of duty catastrophic injury benefit
  • $2,500 Sun Coast PBA beneficiary
  • Referral for a Free Will – Ciarciaglino, Gell & Fiorentino

Get Involved

  • Free season tickets to local area teams (i.e., Threshers & Rowdies)
  • PBA happy hours
  • Catered quarterly board meetings – All members are encouraged to attend!
  • Annual family events
  • Annual holiday party
  • Specialty training sessions
  • PBA trailer for agency events

The Office

  • Professionally staffed main office
  • Easy and accessible location
  • Rec Room with games, snacks, drinks, and Espresso machine
  • Clean bathrooms
  • 24/7 access card available to members for one-time $15 fee


  • Dental Reimbursement Program
  • Aflac

For information on any of the above listed benefits send us an email: