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As a new member of the Sun Coast PBA, we want you to know that one of the primary benefits of membership is legal assistance. The Sun Coast PBA has a team of attorneys to provide you with the best legal services available to our members. These services are provided as part of your membership, and there is NO cost to you:

Legal Representation: Disciplinary Cases and Arbitration

The Florida PBA will provide you legal representation if you are suspended, demoted or dismissed by your agency. This representation can take two forms: legal assistance in a career service appeal or through the grievance/arbitration process

Legal Representation: Before CJSTC

If you are the subject of a certification disciplinary case or inquiry from the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC), the Florida PBA will provide you legal assistance at all three stages of the process, including the probable cause hearing, the administrative case and the final hearing before the full CJSTC.

Legal Defense: Shootings/Serious Accidents

If you are involved in a duty-related shooting incident, an on-duty vehicle crash or other accident which results in a serious injury to another person, Florida PBA will provide an attorney "on-scene" to assist in any internal, criminal investigation or questioning about the incident.

Legal Defense: Civil Suits/Criminal Actions

If you are sued civilly, subject to a grand jury investigation, or criminal action for an incident arising out of and within the scope of your law enforcement duties, the Florida PBA will provide an attorney to represent you and cover the costs of defending the case against you.

Legal Duty Officer

We provide access to a legal duty officer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond to your emergency, duty-related legal needs.